Dr. Jakob Krais

Academic coordinator of "Virtual Stories," studied History, Islamic Studies, and Philosophy in Berlin and Rome and obtained his PhD from Freie Universität Berlin in 2014 with a dissertation on historiography and nation-building in Qaddafi’s Libya.  Over the last years, he has done research on sports and modernity in colonial Algeria. Dr. Krais will coordinate the competition of "Virtual Stories", trainings, and database, as well as contributing to the preparation of a follow-up project.

Typography Design

Digital coordinator of "Virtual Stories,"  Zaimoğlu manages our digital platforms and social media accounts, as well as supporting content creation and communication. After seven years of corporate work experience in the Netherlands, Zaimoğlu has worked for  a humanitarian organization that develops projects for asylum seekers and refugees as project coordinator & representative in Athens, Greece for four years. 

He is currently based in the Netherlands.

Ozan Zaimoğlu