is the Primary Investigator (PI) of Virtual Stories. She is Einstein Guest Professor of History at the Freie Universität Berlin and a research associate at the Centre Marc Bloch. The general focus of her research is the social and cultural history of the late Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey (18th-20th centuries), particularly children and youth as historical actors. Maksudyan is among the founders of the AMECYS.

holds a Ph.D in Social Anthropology, from the University of Cambridge. She is currently a project researcher at CARMAH. Her main research interests include the various legacies of the Armenian genocide. As part of a research-based MA module at the Institute for European Ethnology (HU), Bieberstein will be collaborating and co-teaching a course at the institute for social sciences at Rojava University.

is a full-time researcher in the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) currently affiliated with the Center Marc Bloch (Berlin). Her research interests include the study of Arab intellectuals, specifically women, and the cultural and entangled history of the Arab Mediterranean. She is the P.I. of ERC DREAM - Drafting and Enacting the revolution in the Arab Mediterranean (2018-2023).